Yes he is Scandenavian, but this handsome lad has something unique about him; he aint from Sweden. Morten is one of the few flag wavers of Denmark's dance music scene. With his latest track "Look Closer" signed to Ash Pournouri's PRMD label, the new LA resident is now bound on pushing his music to the edge and have fun while doing it. In the midst of his tour, and on the night of his gig at the famous Greystone Manor in West Hollywood, his manager invited us to his house party to meet Morten so we can ask him everything from his collaboration with Rune RK to his favorite food.


- When did you first realize that you want to turn your passion into a career?

Morten: “I kind of always new that I would be DJing for a long time. Making DJing as a profession though, is something that just happened and I was like, well now I can make a little bit of money out of it and I don’t have to work 9 to 5 everyday which made everything easier. But even now I don’t consider it as ‘I gotta make money, I gotta make business’. It’s never been about money, it’s never been about making hit-music. It’s always been about entertaining people and having fun with it. Making money out of it comes second.”

- In 2008, you became known for remixing “Højere vildere (skru op for den bitch)” that was a collaboration between you and Rune RK featuring the Danish duo Nik & Jay. Tell us how did this help you envision your future goals as DJ?

Morten: “So in Denmark, me and Rune RK played one night together and the crowd kept chanting ‘Højere vildere’ which in Danish means louder and wilder. Then afterwards we decided to make a track about it, so I sampled it in the microphone, we made a beat around it and so it became a huge success in the clubs. And then there were these superstar duos called Nik & Jay who featured on the track and made it even bigger and that kick started my career as producer, and now I’m working with some really talented producers.”

- You currently have your new single, “Look Closer” out on Ash Pournouri’s PRMD label. Tell us about your first encounter with Ash.

Morten: “My first encounter with him was about three years ago. Ash had a birthday; he invited me to play at his birthday in Stockholm. I played right after Tim. Also Ash knew my current manger Nima really well since they are both Persians, so he has been a friend ever since. He is a role model for everyone in the industry.

Music & Production:

- Tell us about your studio setup and surroundings. Beside your computer and equipment, what’s important to you to have around you when making music?

Morten: “Um…that’s a very good question… You know, making music is a creative process. Its not something you can just sit down and do, you have to be in the zone. I really like to surround myself with things I’m inspired by. Especially here in LA, the vibe, the weather is just so inspiring. I like to have a cup of coffee; some sweets that make you feel good but not too hyped. Once in a while you know… lighting up a cigarette can be fun you know.”

- What is your biggest challenge when it comes to making new music? What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?

Morten: “Making music is a big challenge. You want to make something that has edge but doesn’t sound like anything else but you also want to make something that people actually want to listen to. For us, we make 400 tracks and we pick one track, its hard work but I really think practice makes a champion. Practice is the only way. For me, nothing else pays off but hard work ”

- What sounds have inspired you lately and what can we expect from you in the near future?

Morten: “I’ve been enjoying the crowd lately and Im loving all the venues ive been playing at. Its just f@!%ing amazing. I just like to have fin. My sound is always evolving. I don’t know what direction is gonna go tomorrow. Right now is very positive, melodic and uplifting but ill make any genre as long as I think its good.”


- Where do you look forward to playing?

Morten: “I’m really excited to play in India as I have a tour coming up in the east. I’ve never been there so I’m so excited.”

- What do you hate about touring?

Morten: “The fact that you cant always keep your diet and workout and that you’ll be away from family and friends. But other than that I love it. I love DJing and I love being out with the crowd.”


- Favorite food and drink?

Morten: “I like cereals, I like my mom’s food, a good fish with lots of vegetables, I like the Pho Vietnamese Soup and I like Persian food too. But I try not to eat too much red meat. I’m not a heavy drinker but I like a nice cold beer”

- Name your most prized non-music related possession.

Morten: “Um…. That’s a god question because I travelled to the US with a suitcase so I don’t have a lot of stuff with me. I would say my laptop but that’s about music too.”