With summer long over, we got the time to reminisce the best events with DJ Paige. Elektro also got the exclusive on what is to come this year; check out what he had to say below!

We met over at Governors Island in late August, what did you think of the show?

Paige: This was my second year spinning the Juicy Beach party, hands down one of my favorite parties to perform at. The vibes are always amazing and Robbie Rivera always throws such an energetic, sexy party. The fans are there just there solely to rage and hear great music. I get goose bumps thinking about it.

Did you close last year also?

Paige: No, last year I played after Manuel De La Mare, which was cool because it was so groovy in the beginning and quickly began to pack out. Both years you couldn’t have asked for better weather; watching the sunset from the island was beautiful.

What was the difference between opening and closing?

Paige: Opening and closing is night and day. When opening, it’s so important to focus on playing with respect to the main DJ and acts to follow you. This year I played a lot of my own music. It was a feeling that I can’t express in words; seeing the crowd go wild to my productions that they've never heard before. I'm really excited about the release of them, especially how different each track is from the next.

What else did you do this summer?

Paige: I was like a hermit this summer. I was either in the studio making music, surfing or watching The Discovery Channel. This is such a vital and exciting time in my life and career. Nothing is more important than delivering the best to my fans, and that is my sole focus and determination.

You mentioned one of your most recent songs "Love Gun" has rap lyrics in it, what can you tell me about it?

Paige: Yeah, I’ve been working with an artist from Connecticut on this Electro/HipHop vocal track that has been receiving such an amazing reaction every time it’s played. It's a feel good song, big pads, synths with a wild electro drop. The vocals are fun and really, really catchy. That song, along with so many more I’ve been playing have been getting such great love & support.

I remember hearing the lyrics “Dance with me” at Governors Island. Have you played anywhere else this summer?

Paige: That’s another new track planned for release November 4th, it was just signed to Robbie Rivera’s “Juicy Music” label not too long ago. It’s a huge room drum track with a simple yet extremely meaningful vocal "We'll Move The World". This summer I also played HQ Beach Club with Robbie Rivera. I had a show at Pacha NYC July 19th. I played at Headliners with R3hab down in Jersey too, it was such a wild venue with low ceilings, and the place was packed out wall-to-wall. I also spun at Bamboo in Miami, & Neptune Beach Club out in the Hamptons Memorial Day Weekend.

So you did a bunch of shows this summer, what was your favorite show?

Paige: Ahhh, every show is so dope. Governors Island is always something I look forward to once a year. The outside beach style venue with the New York skyline, as the sun sets there is nothing better. The sound system is awesome, the lighting is sick, the people are there to rage and no one throws better parties in NYC then Pacha and RPM. Playing with Robbie is always something special. It’s a dream every single time playing with him. He has not only adapted to the new times but he is such a legendary and talented DJ/Producer.

If you had your choice, who would you collaborate with?

Paige: Wiz Khaiffa, no doubt. His rap vocals and style are insane and David Gruntman from Disturbed, my all time favorite singer and rock band.

What else do you want your fans to know?

Paige: Starting in the next months - iPaigeYouRage radio show will be an hour-long podcast with new tracks, gigs and merchandise. Also, a bag full of releases, at least a track every few weeks. First one coming out on Oct. 19th: Paige, Ossi & Obek - All Alone

That sounds like a lot of time in the studio.

Paige: I’m in the studio 7 days a week, locked in from the outside. It feels weird taking a day off. I’m headed there right after this.

What advice would you give to new artists?

Paige: I’d say everything comes from the heart, no matter what you play. Push harder every day. It’s not an easy career, but if you do it with love and passion it is well worth it!