With a career as long and lucrative as Dirty South’s, it is quite shocking that a full- length album is not among his many accomplishments. With enough hits already under his belt to fill at least six full-length albums, Dirty South has finally taken the plunge and composed his first album, “Speed Of Life.” Out March 5th, “Speed Of Life” is a 10 -track dance album that steadily moves from big room anthems like title track “Speed Of Life” to chilled out masterpieces like “Sunset.” It can confidently be said that this album was well worth the wait. Dirty South’s finesse and attention to detail on this album is abundantly clear because its flawless transitions and phenomenal chord progressions are skillfully laid down in a way only a seasoned DJ could accomplish. “Speed Of Life” is an extraordinary showcase of Dirty South’s unparalleled talent, and hopefully the first of many albums to come.

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