Diplo is not just a DJ-producer. He is also a label-head for the powerhouse Mad Decent imprint. He is also an entrepreneur, and now the sneaker brand K-Swiss is recruiting his entrepreneurial skills as part of a new creative initiative. Diplo has been elected as the Director of a 100-person board of creatives that will be directing K-Swiss in order to rejuvenate the classic sneaker brand.

Now, Diplo and K-Swiss are looking to young creative entrepreneurs to get involved. Check out Diplo's note to the public on K-Swiss' official website for "The Board" below.

"My name is Diplo. I’m a DJ, music producer, songwriter and entrepreneur.

K-Swiss has been in the game since 1966 and is one of the all-time classic sneaker brands. I’m part of the team that’s bringing the brand back to prominence, and I’m looking for 100 of the most creative and connected people to work with me, as part of ‘The Board.’

I’ll be bringing in some of my friends to help, experts in marketing, design, branding and business. They’ll drop knowledge and then we’ll have real tasks to work on, including sneaker design, brand positioning, social media and more.  What ‘The Board’ decides, K-Swiss will do. You’ll be in the driving seat.

So, hurry up and apply…we’ve got work to do!"

Think you have what it takes to be part of "The Board" with Diplo? Apply on the official K-Swiss Board website! The application is open until April 30, when they will begin to select candidates for inclusion on "The Board." Stay tuned for more details!

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