In 2014, Diplo released his compilation album titled Random White Dude Be Everywhere, which included a collection of his most popular singles, unreleased remixes and two brand-new original tracks that featured Waka Flocka Flame, Yellow Claw, Alvaro and more. Now, everyone’s favorite ‘random white dude’ shares the music video for "6th Gear” that is thoroughly audacious.

The video embodies everything we have come to expect from Diplo; beautiful women twerking to hard-hitting trap rhythms. Seemingly a perfect match, Russian dance queen Elena "Fraules” Yatkina brings her unique dance style to the bass heavy tune and absolutely crushes it. Fraules and her Siberian crew have garnered millions of plays on their YouTube videos over the past two years, and it was only a matter of time before the King of #ExpressYourself tapped them for an official appearance. With dance moves that clearly take twerking to the next level, we see that Diplo’s antics know no bounds, and we love it.

In the words of Diplo himself, "Nothing makes more sense for a Diplo video than twerking princesses from Siberia ... #duhhhhhh"

Receiving high praise from fans and critics alike, '6th Gear' has been sorted for a remix package featuring new cuts from GTA, ETC!ETC!, Ricky Remedy, Obscene & Big Syphe, and DJ Yonny and Grand & Warren. Each remix adds a new dimension to the single, from ETC!ETC! taking it into moombahton territory to Obscene & Big Syphe bringing it into the house realm, there is something for everyone included in the stack. Be sure to grab the "6th Gear" Remixes EP out now on Mad Decent.

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