For Dillon’s second year at Coachella, he pulled out all the stops, bringing along an entire new stage production with him. Hinting at it on Twitter beforehand, the stage (what he likes to call “The Gary”) featured LED lights woven between geometric white lines form to create a DJ superstructure big enough to support Dillon’s huge sounds. Opening with what he considers his best track, “Masta Blasta” sent the crowd into an immediate frenzy that would last for the entirety of his hour-long set.

He threw down a handful of songs from the upcoming album such as "Not Butter" and a brand new track with a hook of "Feel drunk with you all the time," and an unreleased remix of Chromeo's "Jealous," which he spun into “Without You.” Keeping the energy high, Dillon mixed in Diplo’s “Express Yourself” early in the set, later bringing him out on stage for a little Mad Decent loving and their new collab (potentially for either his freshman album or the upcoming Major Lazer release). Dillon’s alter ego, DJ Hanzel, even stopped by for a little via a projected video to hype the crowd up, begging us all to go “One fucking deeper.”


Dillon continued the set with his own hits like “Dill the Noise,” “Bootleg Fireworks,” “IDGAFOS” and his remix of Oliver’s “The Night is on my Mind.” Dillon kept the surprises coming, bringing out fellow Coachella performer TJR for their new track together, fusing Moombahton & Melbourne Bounce. Dillon also brought out Martin Garrix for their upcoming collaboration, "Set Me Free," as well. Later, in a wonderful throwback section, after mixing up Chris Brown's "Show Me" with ML's "Bubble Butt," Dillon dropped Usher and Alicia Key's “My Boo” and Biggie’s “Juicy”.

To close out what he called “The most amazing hour of my life,” Dillon played latest hit with DJ Snake, “Get Low.” He beckoned the entire crowd to get down to the ground, and refused to play the drop until we were all following the instructions of the song. In a perfectly timed drop, the entire crowd jumped up, pulsing with impossible amounts of energy to close out this amazing set. On of the greatest moments was when he dropped a new remix of Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, which in celebration of his monumental performance, has offered up to his fans for free. Check it out and download the remix below:

See you on the dancefloor,

Julia Crescitelli and Jesse Wheaton

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