2012 has been an amazing year for EDM, where we've seen the rise of young DJs and producers like Zedd and Alesso, the emergence of new EDM trends like trap, and learned about the soon to be separation of the legendary Swedish House Mafia. However, there is no argument about who had the best year in 2012. It is without a doubt, Dillon Francis. Releasing his numerous remixes, as well as his newest original track, "Bootleg Fireworks," don't rank anywhere close to the top of his accomplishments in 2012. In just this past year alone, the man bought a cat and named it mittens, had a dream in Chinese, learned karate, saw the film "Wreck It Ralph," bought a knife, had sex with a unicorn, slept on Flux Pavilion's couch for a month, and of course, played "Levels." I mean, he even left a bag of Taco Bell out, and a plant grew out of it while he was on tour. The list goes on and on. Check out the video containing the full list of his accomplishments in 2012 above.

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