We've come a long way from the "Harlem Shake" craze the now infamously known producer, Baauer, started, but he hasn't stopped shocking the world just yet. After getting some creative juices flowing, Mr. Harry Rodrigues came up with the idea to throw out two "USB"s per show on the last leg of his 2013 tour. Each USB contains four previously unreleased Baauer tracks on it, and (here's the best part) whoever is the lucky person in the crowd to catch one gets to do whatever they want with the music!

Our homies at Run The Trap snagged one (check out their post here). The four tracks include "RASBERRY", "XTC", "SNAP" and "BADDST". "RASBERRY", "SNAP" and "BADDST" give us that Baauer-trap fix we've all been craving with the heavy bass and drops, while "XTC" gets a little more experimental. All four songs are definitely worth listening to, and you can stream all four tracks and grab the free zip download from our dudes Run The trap! Check out the tracks below!