Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner teamed up and on a remarkable collaboration to produce electro house track, “Channel 42”, released on Mau5trap records. Seeing the work of two of the masters of EDM production, notable producers Nom De Strip, GTA, and Eekko have sunk their teeth into the track to give their own rendition. Released as a 4-track package, each remix takes a unique dive into the track. Eekko’s version is a bit bouncier than its predecessor, and adds in a certain twang that gives this track a somewhat more euro house vibe. Next up is GTA with a transformation closer to that of progressive house that beautifully underscores the original to give it a much richer ambiance. Finally, Nom De Strip comes at us with a colossal bass line that accentuates the progressions and fluxes within the track. Upon listening to each version it is easy to understand why these specific remixes were chosen. They each resurrect the original in a whole new way that is not only completely unique, but captivating as well. It is impossible to pick which mix of the four is the best because they all add individualized elements that propel the track into head banger glory.

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