If you follow electronic music personalities you'll know that there's nothing Deadmau5 loves more than having a good troll. Yesterday, Mau5 stepped in for Avicii, who had to get his gall bladder removed. Avicii was supposed to close out the main stage and Deadmau5 came in up for the challenge.

For the first few minutes nothing seemed out of the ordinary for Deadmau5. He played some unreleased tracks, Raise Your Weapon and other usual Mau5 tracks. But then Deadmau5 decided to have some fun. As would be appropriate for Ultra's main stage he dropped Martin Garrix's extremely popular track Animals with an Old MacDonald twist. Then, with a smirk and sarcastic dance, Deadmau5 played his own Ghosts n Stuff with Avicii's Levels. Finally, he ended his set, thanked the throngs of people for coming, made a leap of faith back on to stage and left. Check out the videos below.

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