Big news for all you Daft Punk fans! Are you as tired of seeing that as the rest of us are? From fake headline to rumor after rumor, we finally have something that we can confirm is real and sink our teeth into. The infamous and always news-worthy duo Daft Punk have chosen a location for the debut of the upcoming "Random Access Memories." Thomas and Guy-Manuel will be appearing in the tiny Australian farm town of Wee Waa, home to a mere 2,100 residents. The live sound of their album will be heard for the first time at the annual "Wee Waa Show," which is a host to various floral exhibits and livestock, far from a place you would expect dance music to be played. Unfortunately tickets will be hard to come by as there will be only 4,000 passes, many of which are guaranteed to members of the Wee Waa Show Society. If you are lucky enough to be one of those people or to get your hands on a ticket, this is going to be undoubtedly an unforgettable and one-in-a-lifetime experience.

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