Our latest "Cross-Switch" brings together a trio of legends. Magic Mike, Q Bert, and Craze teamed up to bring us on a "Journey Into Scratchin." See what each of the artists had to say about the collaboration.

Magic Mike:

"When I set out to do 'Journey Into Scratchin', I wanted to work with 2 DJ's that I respected the most in the genre where I started. I watched Qbert back in the New Music Seminar days when I was at the peak of my career and all I could say was wow. Dj Craze took what I helped start in Florida to a whole different level. Once again I was in amazement. It was only right that I do this song with the 2 guys that keep me practicing to this day. I am thankful and humbled that they chose to work with me..."

Q Bert:

"I need to work with the legends, craze and magic mike more often! I hope this is just a start!"


"When Magic Mike asked me to be on a track with him and Q-Bert, it was a no brainer. Those two are my heros when it comes to djing. Magic Mike has inspired many generations of djs and producers and Qbert will forever be the best scratcher in the world... It was truly an honor."

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