LA production duo, Classixx, is a household name among the nu-disco community. Having released funk driven singles, and smooth synth infused remixes, Classixx, has brought the groove back to dance music. Having done a number of notable remixes for artists like Phoenix, Major Lazer, Shiny Toy Guns, and Ladyhawke, Classixx has proved their commitment to the disco revival. Taking the next step in their careers, they have emerged from the studio with their very first album, “Hanging Gardens.” The 11-track record fluidly builds in momentum, starting with chilled out tracks that evoke something of an 80s new wave revival, through to full fledged dance floor electro funk on title track “Hanging Gardens.” Featuring notable tracks like their smash hit “I’ll Get You,” and “All You’re Waiting For” featuring vocals by Nancy Wang of LCD Sound System, “Hanging Gardens” is the crowing accomplishment of mesmerizing disco from the enchanting Classixx. The album arrives May 14th, make sure you don't miss it!

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