When I finally left Pacha NYC at 5am Saturday morning, the main floor was still bumpin’ to the sounds of Chus&Ceballos. Keeping in mind the Elektro party the next day, I reluctantly left the club, still full of energy, even after dancing for four hours straight.

It was a complete 360 from some of the previous parties I had been to at this world-famous venue. The crowd was different – many beautiful faces to match the sensational dancing. The strobe lights illuminated this gorgeous gathering and lifted the spirits of everyone in anticipation of the night’s headliners; Chus&Ceballos hit the decks at 1am.

By 3am, the party was not even halfway through. The boys played a variety of sounds, but stayed inside the lines of house music: deep and techy. The music had a latin flare – imagine yourself on a tropical island, mixing salsa moves with step. A few old school sultry remixes like “The Way We Used To Do It” by Cevin Fisher and “Like the Deserts Miss the Rain” by Everything but the Girl were memorable and of course, the heavy beat of drums that the duo is famous for.

Around 4am, there was a 10-second countdown and then a massive drop, like the second coming of a new year. A fan kept up with my social media posts throughout the night and expressed remorse, “For the short time I saw Chus&Ceballos at Pacha, I was thoroughly impressed at the true sounds of tech house. Next time they’re back, I want to witness the entire set.”

Towards the end, Chus&Ceballos kicked up the drums; you could literally play the beat on your lap, but why would you, when everyone around was going wild! People young and old, gay and straight, those having fun, and even those who thought they’d be bored, all up moving in sync to the music. A source close to Chus&Ceballos voiced his opinion to me at the end of the night, “The future of dance music is this. Give it a year.”

But I’m glad I won’t have to wait a year to come back to Pacha and cha cha cha.

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Written By: Liz Sin

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