Church of Noise was a side project incepted in 2011 by Rifo of Bloody Beetroots and Dennis Lyxzen of Swedish punk Refused and The International Noise Company. The manifesto of Church of Noise was: “..It only takes a sound to change the beaten path/It only takes love and courage to take it all back...” Rifo has a long history and appreciation of socio-political issues and a contrarian view of things. Bloody Beetroot productions reflect this challenge and interpretation of Rifo’s views. Rifo’s current challenge “is to give values and color to contemporary music” during a time when “the music business has now more than ever lowered the quality of listening.” There are few details available on the Church of Noise platform, but be sure to sign to stay in the loops. Additional line items from the manifesto include: Church of Noise is a brand new tribal gathering; Church of Noise is a new art movement; Church of Noise is where we will make our own rules and create our own world.

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