Multi Grammy award winning electronic music duo the Chemical Brothers invite fans to experience their live set in a both unique and accessible way. The British producers bring their concert event experience, "Chemical Brothers: Don't Think" to theaters for one night only in February. The film is directed by Adam Smith, the group's long time visual collaborator and was filmed live in front of 50,000 fans at Japan's Fujirock Festival in July 2011. The fully live experience and was captured using 20 cameras focusing on the mind bending psychedelic visuals.

"Come see how it feels to feel, be overwhelmed, intoxicated, swoonerated," said Tom Rowlands, half of the Chemical Brothers as he invited fans to "surrender to the void." The duo is often called the pioneers in bringing electronic music to the vanguard of pop culture and has seven studio albums to date. The title track for the film, "Don't Think" was used in the Oscar winning film, "Black Swan."

“After 18 years of working on The Chemical Brothers live show, we have finally captured it on film; you could almost say it’s 18 years in the making,” said Smith, who is often called "the third Chemical Brother." The film is presented by NCM Fathom; tickets and show times will be available on Fathom Events.

Written By: Lina Abascal

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