Although Canada unfortunately threw Justin Bieber our way, our northern neighbors are well on their way to making up for it thanks to the export of one of our favorite rising producers, Kaytranada. The burgeoning artist has been on our radar for a good minute now, constantly keeping us on our toes with timely bangers that are always better than the last. Whether it’s his too-legit-to-quit edit of Azealia Banks’ “ATM Jam” or his bedroom-ready rework of Common’s 2007 R&B hit “I Want You” it seems Kaytranada has got that Midas-touch many wish they could yield. And others are taking note with reason. He was recently selected to be a part of the “Dance (Red) Saves Lives 2” compilation alongside some of dance music’s biggest names and has a highly anticipated slot on the coveted lineup of January’s Holy Ship!!!.
Kaytranada’s rapidly rising profile fortunately hasn’t gotten in the way of releasing consistently dope tracks. He hits us with another R&B-inspired nightcap, this time reaching deep into contemporary soul archives to add his spin on “Move Love” by Robert Glasper. The original comes off of Glasper’s Grammy-winning LP from 2012 “Black Radio” and it gives way to a remix that’s beyond comprehension. Its success lies in the sultry and almost haunting harmonizing of vocalist trio, KING. Vocals sit as comfortably and effortlessly on Kay’s remix with a perfectly hollowed-out effect for added sensuality and rawness. The oscillating vocal effects add a fantastic last touch giving way for the smoothest piano melodies. Soon enough you find yourself at the 1:25 mark and lost in a hard-hitting yet subtle R&B upbeat that’ll have you and the rest going bonkers. In short, Kaytranada strikes again leaving jaws on the floor and his latest track on endless repeat. Best of all? In the exact words of the Canadian star, it’s a “FREE DOWNLOAD BRUH”. Check it out below!

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