Detroit based producer, Butch Clancy, has tampered with all forms of EDM In his ever expanding career. In 2012, he took the world by storm releasing incredible remixes to Band Of Horses’ “The Funeral,” and more recently his remix of Skrillex and Damian Marley’s “Make It Bun Dem," as well as his own singles like “Hard Eight” and “Heavy Glow." Now taking on 2013, Clancy has lost none of his momentum having already released a number of original tracks as well as remixes. One thing truly amazing about Clancy is that the majority of his releases he gives away as free downloads showing his true passion and dedication to the music, not the money. In the typical Butch Clancy fashion he has released a free LP entitled “A Beautiful Mind." This LP is 9 tracks of exhilarating trap, hip-hop, and samples of the likes of Tupac and Biggie. “A Beautiful Mind” is 25 minutes of party starting hits that will appease EDM and trap lovers alike. If you download “A Beautiful Mind” make sure you give a shout out to the uber talented Butch Clancy.

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