The iPhone Boombox is an awesome project created by a student for a production class, with instructions for Make It Real competition. For someone with basic electronic and wood-work knowledge (or just eager to build something), it should not be too much effort to re-produce this simple, retro wood boombox for the iPhone.

The full material list:

1/2 inch MDF (Board Atleast 14 x 12)
1/4 inch MDF (Board Atleast 14 x 12)
1/4 inch Clear Acrylic
5/8 inch Dowel
1/2 inch Cloth Elastic Band
Mini Rocker Switch
5mm LED
AAA Battery Pack
Altec Lansing IMT227 OrbitM Speaker
Electrical Wire
1/4w 62 OHM Resister

full instructions on instructables. be sure to also vote for the design!

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