Grammy winning electronic musician, Brian Transeau, better known as BT, unveiled his much anticipated, two-disc mix compilation that definitely lives up to its name. Laptop Symphony, also the name of BT's live show, will be released digitally on May 14th and in stores on June 11th. “BT is to dance music what Mozart was to classical music,” said Armin van Buuren in DJ Times. The collection of perfectly-blended tracks is anything but commonplace. Disc-one is full of filthy, incredibly fierce beats, and the "most sonically vicious dubstep," to date. Switch over to disc-two, and your ears will be filled with dream-like trance melodies like BT's own “In The Air” with Morgan Page and Sultan & Ned Shepard, featuring Angela McCluskey and Aurosonic and Ange’s “Without You."

See the full track list and read more about Laptop Symphony HERE

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