Back in early February, German DJ-producer Boys Noize celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his own Boys Noize Records imprint. To properly celebrate the self-described “anarchist collective” label’s milestone, Boys Noize released “3650 Days of Noize,” a massive gifting of classic, live and unreleased material on BitTorrent. Packing in over five hours of music, the bundle included two new tracks from Boys Noize (“Brain Frequent” and “Dawnload”), a live Boys Noize set from Tokyo, a live Dog Blood set from Monegros Festival, an unreleased Boys Noize remix of Jackson and his Computerband’s track, “Arp #1,” two unreleased SCNTST tracks (“Punk01” and “Beat03”), and a curated selection of 25 songs, the best of BNR classics.

However, the celebration isn't over. Boys Noize has now delivered an hour-long mix that showcases the great releases brought to fans by his imprint. The mix, which was created for Mixmag, comes complete with tracks solely released by the label, features artists like Pilo, SCNTST, Jensen Interceptor and of course, Boys Noize himself. Check out the mix above, and the mix's track list below.

Track list:
1. Jan Driver — "Peaker"
2. BS1 — "The Acid Is In The Music"
3. Joakim & Krikor — "Azid"
4. Baskerville & Just Regular Guys — "The Release"
5. Spank Rock — "Gully"
6. Boys Noize & Tiga — "808 IRAQ"
7. D.I.M. — "Meta Glitch"
8. Knox — "Well" (Strip Steve Warehouse Mix)
9. Stephane 1993 — "All Night Long"
10. Pilo — "Projectile"
11. RYME — "Time To Bump"
12. Boys Noize & Atom TM — "Openn"
13. Madame — "Shuffle" (Chambray Remix)
14. I-Rbotos — "Frau" (Pandullo vs Und Remix)
15. SCNTST — "Globus"
16. Jensen Interceptor — "Symptoms"
17. D.I.M. — "Is You" (Brodisnki Remix)
18. Cardopusher — "FNKTN"
19. Atix — "Drop Zone"
20. SCNTST — "Gruv"
21. Shadow Dancer — "Parallax"