Earlier this week, Boys Noize celebrated the ten-year anniversary of his own imprint Boys Noize Records by releasing a massive BitTorrent of over five hours of music. Featured on the appropriately titled bundle "3650 Days of Noize" is the new Boys Noize track "Brain Frequent."

This new track is an example of Boys Noize's signature hard-techno style. Thumping kick drums combine with grinding synth effects for a warehouse rave-ready weapon. Boys Noize is known for his frequent experimentation, like his side-project with Mr. Oizo, Hanbraekes. However, Boys Noize has consistently shown that he will always come back to producing the kind of German techno sounds that have made him a legend in the dance music world. Certainly good news for long-time Boys Noize fans.

Aside from this new track, the "3650 Days of Noize" also features the new original track "Dawnload," a live Boys Noize set from Tokyo, a live Dog Blood set from Monegros Festival (to get you ready for Boys Noize and Skrillex's return at this year's Movement Festival in Detroit), an unreleased Boys Noize remix of Jackson and his Computerband’s track, “Arp #1,” two unreleased SCNTST tracks (“Punk01” and “Beat03”), and a curated selection of 25 songs, the best of BNR classics. Visual assets include a Dog Blood drawing, a collage of BNR album artwork from the past 10 years, and the BNR10YR logo designed by BNR’s long-time designer, Paul Snowden. Head to BitTorrent to download "3650 Days of Noize."

Boys Noize is currently on tour in the U.K. and Europe. Head to the official Boys Noize website for tour dates and information.

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