Boiler Room certainly brings us some amazing mixes from many of dance music's best names, but anyone who has watched or attended one of the events knows there's usually some weirdness involved.

We've brought you some of our favorite Boiler Room Dancers, but apparently its not just the events' attendees that can be strange. Enter Anklepants, Boiler Room's strangest performer.

Yeah, that thing on his face is exactly what you think it is. Boiler Room explains, "Draped in a glittering techni-colour dreamcoat and hiding somewhere behind an animatronic dick-face, it's Anklepants - lord of mutant bass and distorted pop electro."

...Alrighty then. What kind of weirdness will Boiler Room bring us next? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Today I Saw Some Weird Shit Gif

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