Parisian-born producer has been making waves in the disco house scene since his first release in 2011, “Cruisin’”. Having since found support in underground mainstays like Goldroom, Aeroplane, Miami Horror, and RAC, the accomplished DJ and burgeoning producer has released a banging remix for Partyfine, Yuksek’s imprint and one of France’s rising labels. Reworking Black Yaya’s “Paint A Smile On Me," Zimmer maintains the original track’s melancholy while still infusing his signature brand of quirky disco house. Available now on Beatport and iTunes, the remix oozes a certain chicness that’s unmistakably French and irresistibly silky, perfect for sexy lounge sets or some poolside grooving if the weather in your corner of the world permits it this time of the year. Check out the killer Zimmer remix for yourself below and boogie on! To hear a different take on "Paint A Smile On Me," check out Breakbot's ultra disco rendition here.

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