Coming off of what perhaps was the most fruitful year of their career, electro-house rock stars Bingo Players is only getting warmed up. The two are finally giving their fans what we've all been waiting for: a headlining North American tour that will blow our tops off. Appropriately titled, "Rattle and Roll", this tour will be the biggest gig that the pair have had yet, and holds the potential to launch their career to monumental proportions.

After raising the bar with the stage production at Coachella this past year, Bingo Players has made it a priority to structure this tour around an exquisite stage set-up to give their crowd the best, 360 experience possible. The tour kicks off in Miami on October 10th at the famous LIV nightclub and then takes off to every corner of North America on bus, in rightful rock star tradition. Make sure you come out to a venue near you to witness these guys hot sweep the continent. Check out the dates below.


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