SoCal producer Kennedy Jones has quickly ascended to the top tier of producers in the trap movement. He seems to release new singles and remixes on a weekly basis, and has a habit of gifting his fans with free tracks. Trap has already started to take on some mundane qualities, mainly due to every producer in EDM throwing their hat into the arena just to ride the trend. What sets Jones apart is his willingness to take risks with his music that end up translating into sounds that are leaps and bounds ahead of other producers. Now he has taken on the Bingo Player’s track “Cry.” As we all know, “Cry” has been taken, beaten, butchered and probably saw its lowest moment when it was turned into a Flo Rida song with little to no credit given to the Bingo Player’s. However, Jones has taken this track and, surprisingly, completely redeemed it. Kennedy Jones’ Kids at the Bar Trap Remix is a stroke of genius. The original addictive flow of “Cry” remains, but Jones adds in a ballistic trap drop that will blow speakers and transform this track into a completely new experience for the listener.

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