Out now on Secure Recordings is the brand new EP from Bart B More, featuring 2 new original productions, "The Box" and "Glow". With this new release, Bart B More is picking up where he left off with his signature electro styling. "The Box" is a track defined by its Dutch house inspired synth progressions that blend with heavy percussion. Martin Solveig, Diplo, Crookers, and Tommie Sunshine are just a few names among those who have sung the track's praise. "Glow" follows suit, as Bart B More's unmatched sound comes to the forefront again. The grinding electronic synth progression of the song gives the track its heavy electro feel, while steady percussion supply that Dutch house sound once again. Bart B More's "The Box/Glow" EP is available now as a release of Secure Recordings.

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