Brooklyn was alive and kicking last Saturday night thanks to BangOn! 3D NYC. Festival organizers put together the kind of space and environment that has only one goal in mind: non-stop dance. Meserole Street was popping right from the get go thanks to the expansive and interactive floor plan BangOn! gave attendees. Large scale art installations wowed the crowd all night (the massive green cocoon was a favorite!) while merchants sold rave gear to the party-goers the whole night through. Arguably one of the nicest parts of the festival was the actual physical space in which the event took place. Although not quite an abandoned warehouse, the space was expansive and lent for so many pluses (room to dance, breathe, and explore) and added a welcoming spirit to the festival. The lack of chaos that comes from cramped spaces led to a feeling of belonging and good times the second you walked through the nondescript entrance, and created an environment conducive to the single most important part of the festivities: the music.

The lineup for the event was incredible considering the event’s rather low-key vibe. House, electro, techno, and deep house masters such as Felix da Housecat, Sydney Blu, The Chainsmokers, Sean Glass, and Minnesota, to name only a few, graced the stages of the 40,000 square foot space, providing electrifying performances that kept the crowd going well into the wee hours of the morning. Sean Glass delivered a high-octane set that had fellow New Yorkers causing a scene, so much so that Glass eventually ended up shirtless and on top of speakers by the time he was off the decks, egging the crowd on! Fellow New York favorites, The Chainsmokers, followed suit, giving BangOn! the kind of set that left the crowd and the duo sweating like dogs. The pair played an electro heavy house set, with its fair share of surprises like a traptastic play of Diplo’s “Bubble Butt”. By the time the pair’s set was over, they were ready to practically throw themselves into the crowd, who would have surely devoured them like they did their set.

And then came da Housecat. The room to dance, the 3D visual effects of the background screens, and the low-key warehouse vibe of the night was perfect for Felix da Housecat to bring his Chicago beats to Brooklyn’s finest. He opened with Let’s Be Friends’ infectiously hard rework of “Sinner Winner”, and went on to dig far and wide into his catalogue and personal favorites. The house pioneer played out classics like “Silver Screen Shower Scene” along with newer releases like “Give Me Body” and the latest masterpiece from da Housecat “Frankie Meets Pauline." The energy Felix gives off when on stage is infectious, and the crowd (mixed with older and younger fans alike) ate up every second of it with glee. Sydney Blu had the always difficult task of following Felix’s set about two hours later, but had no problem making the stage her own. Right from the get-go, she delivered a set full of high-energy house tracks along with powerful techno drums to create a whirlwind force of bass that only she could control. A track turned into many, and a minute turned into nearly two hours before you even realized you had been swept away by the Canadian maverick.

To say the guys at BangOn! put on a good show would be a huge understatement. As the clock struck 8 AM and the crowd finally gave in to the end of the night, the only thing you could hear (aside from the bass ringing in your ears) was everyone raving about what just happened and how they couldn’t wait for the next one!

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