In another perfect example of electronic dance music transcending it’s stigma, Arty has brought together EDM fans at Marquee Dayclub and Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas to shoot the video for his summer anthem, “Together We Are.” Vyclone, an app that allows you to play editor and splice together video clips, is especially poignant as it encompasses the crux of “Together We Are.” Allowing everyone to include their own personal footage, from their own point of view, the app then puts it all together to create an experience you couldn’t get if you had been there yourself.
Joe Sumner, the developer of the app, explains:

“You’ve got the lights, you’ve got the DJ, you’ve got the dancing girls, but you’ve also got people just freaking out, being crazy in the crowd,” Sumner explains. “Unless you have a professional camera crew of 50, you’re not really going to capture it."

After all, it’s the music that is bringing us all together – it’s you, it’s me!