DUSTLA is an independent record label based in Belgium which focuses on releasing cutting-edge electronic music through a diverse spectrum of different genres. DUSTLA was founded in 2012 and has ever since kept the same objective, to push boundaries and innovate the rules of music culture. Growing its catalog one name at a time, DUSTLA has served as a home to several different artists including ak9, Alex Mind, Teddy Killerz and more. In mid-2013, DUSTLA announced the launch of its first official sub-label Unlocked. Carrying the purpose to help support “up and coming” artists, Unlocked serves as a free outlet for a wide range of music. Currently, DUSTLA is recognized amongst many internationally, with numerous chart breaking releases and appearances on world-renowned magazines.


Polish producer ak9 recently released his latest single “GØƉ” via Unlocked to bring us a heavy hitting Trap and Hip-Hop infused track! Reminiscent of Baauer and Just Blaze’s “Higher,” “GØƉ” is able to use haunting, underlying vocals with upbeat synthetic stabs and drum patterns to produce ak9’s signature grimy sound!

Alex Mind:

Brazillian DJ and producer, Alex Mind, creates a new track, “Maelstrom,” that does just as it’s named. For those of you who don’t know, a maelstrom is a powerful and violent whirlpool that sucks in objects within a given radius. Mind uses the lunging bass, incredible high-pitched melodies and his signature touch to create a whirlpool of sounds that force our bodies into a world of non-stop dancing.


UK native Geezy introduces us to his latest single “Hashtag” featuring Egoraptor. Having been able to hold on to “The Best Hardcore DJ” award for five years running, 27 year old Geezy definitely owns up to his title with “Hashtag”. “Hashtag” is not for the light hearted though, as it gets your heart glitching just as the bass drops. Let’s just say the notorious Geezy will be sticking around and producing tracks for a while to come.