As EDC NY came to a close on Sunday, Pacha NYC sparked up a sweet after party to keep the music going well into Monday morning.

The artists that rocked EDC earlier that day took to the decks one by one to wrap up the monumental festival. A live performance by the UK sensation trio; Shermanology, dropped the hit track “Blessed” with powerful live vocals, and set the crowd chanting the lyrics in harmony.

Headliner, Afrojack entered a stacked DJ booth at 1am to open with a “Let Your Love Surrender” compilation with vocals from Shermanology, the vibe at Pacha was intense and exciting. Afrojack went on to mix a unique “Lionheart” infused, “Breakin' a Sweat” remix that had the floor vibrating due to all the bass and bouncing partygoers. After a catchy “Somebody That I Used to Know” mashup, he rocked out with some “Bangduck” and the classic, “Louder”.

After his EDC performance, followed by the Pacha set, an exhausted Afrojack was exhausted and ready to hand over the stage to R3hab. The place was already going wild, he picked right up and let loose with a brand new track made with Calvin Harris, “Coming Back,” which led perfectly into his remixes of “Bounce” and “Flashback”.

R3hab finished up with his version of “Walking Alone” and passed the torch to DJ Bobby Burns, dropped “Bangduck” again, and went on until the morning playing all the good stuff.

Until next year…

Words By Evan Fasanella