It is no surprise this month’s snowfall had no choice but to retreat from the streets with the definitive fire Lavo NY has been bringing through the start of 2012, and even months leading up to it. Continuing NYC's extensive New Year’s Eve EDM presence, Lavo has kicked off January with an envious progression of both mainstay and up-and-coming DJs.

Last Thursday the Lavo-torch was passed to Afrojack, a notoriously popular progressive house DJ among both fans and  colleagues. The man has been courted recently to collaborate with the likes of Shermanology, Dada Life (both acts made Elektro's "Top 20 Djs to Look out for in 2012") and a laundry list of other hot edm acts.

Despite being a school night, the scene at Lavo was typical by 11pm...well, for Lavo at least. Stoically poised, doorman “C” and his crew juggled and corralled groups of possible entrants foaming at the mouth for cocktails and dirty beats. Cabs double parked 58th Street poaching those who would have to try their luck another night and whisked them off to whatever backup plan they held.

By midnight, opening act Steve Powders had the floor packed and fans bopping in anticipation for the man of the evening to make his 1 a.m. entrance.

Naturally, it wasn't until around 2 a.m. when the volume lowered, a familiar voice spoke, and the club went mental. Already jam packed with dancing bodies, the floor was now filled with Lavo foam lights, gripped by hands thrust into the air. Afrojack absolutely killed it and impressed the hyped fans with his set. Donning a Nike shirt with the slogan, "Watch Him Work," the crowd watched, danced and went crazy till way past my bedtime... yet, to the crafty Afrojack, it hardly looked like work.

Written By: Michael Gabriele

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