It's tough to recap a year that, looking back, feels packed with EDM news; every day seemed to bring another groundbreaking single, milestone announcement or festival line-up. To help us sift through it all, in the hopes of telling a cohesive story about 2012, we did what we usually do: turned to Twitter. The social network has become a central hub for dance music, with artists, promoters and industry leaders using it to break news and premiere new tracks, and fans gaining unprecedented access to their favorite DJs at the same time. We scoured the Twittersphere to break down the year in dance music, 140 characters at a time. Click past the jump for the full run-down.

EDM had a Grammy moment

The trap takeover
Pendulum called it quitssaid
Deadmau5 kept busy on Twitter and TumblrRolling Stonewrote

"Button-pushing" became a dirty word, and DJs defended their craft

EDC blew fans away
Swedish House Mafia announced breakup—and massive farewell tour

Prydz returned to the U.S.

Calvin Harris had a superstar year
18 Months
...and so did ZeddClarity
DJMag's Top 100 list was more controversial than ever
Both old and new, festivals ruled
Ultra Music Fest expanded along with the rest
Dillon and Diplo got weird(er), and so did everyone else

"Walsergate" confused and amused fans and DJs alike