From remixes of hip-hop, pop, rock, indie, etc. to bootlegs to mind-blowing original production, electronic dance music duo Justice have been blowing fans away since the release of their debut album in 2007. Six successful EPs and another album later, the two are back with the release of their Helix EP, set to drop January 8th. You may recognize the title track from their last album, Audio, Video, Disco, but there is some new ear candy for fans to enjoy that includes remixes by Domenico Torti and Gesaffelstein, as well as the tracks “Presence” and “Ohio,” which only appeared on their last album as hidden tracks. Overall, the EP is funky, edgy, and a little bit frenetic at times but in the most skin-tingling electrifying way.

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1. Helix (Extended)
2. Presence
3. Ohio
4. Helix (Gesaffelstein Vision remix)
5. Helix (Domenico Torti's Headspin remix)