The famous Dutch duo of the Partysquad have returned with a new track that they've decided to premiere with us here at elektro. This time, they've teamed up with Mitchell Niemeyer for a track titled "#PantsDown," which takes the listeners on a roller-coaster ride of electro-house sounds. The track's differentiating drops take you by surprise in the best way imaginable. This one is sure to become a dance floor anthem!

Mitchell Niemeyer says, “When we pump out our track #PantsDown, we always get a huge reaction when me and The Partysquad drop our pants down to our ankles! It’s funny to see how fast this move is being copied by other DJ’s and MC’s, as well as by the crowd. You never know, it might become the new ‘planking’. It’s certainly growing its own momentum and hype which is fantastic.”

Check out the track below, and enjoy!

Upcoming US Tour Dates - Mitchell Niemeyer
September 28th: Groove Cruise, Los Angeles
September 29th: Tomorrowworld, Atlanta
October 25th: LIV Miami

Upcoming US Tour Dates - Partysquad:
September 20th: Club Cinema, Pompano Beach, FL
September 21st: TLA, Philadelphia