Chromeo’s ‘White Women’ got us like…
Today, Chromeo released their new album, White Women. Their fans have been patiently waiting for this massive release, and their first listen to the album has them feeling some type of way.
Check out some of the best reactions to 'White Women' above, and stream the album below...
Oliver: LA Funky
We sat down with elektro Freshmen Vaughn Oliver (half of the Fool's Gold duo, Oliver) and got the low-down on where to go and what to eat while in their home town.
Favorite LA Bar:
Favorite LA Restaurant:
This place Animal I went to the other week – that was really …
Premiere: “Hello, I am Damaged Goods”
When you think of class, what's the one name that comes to mind?
Yes, Damaged Goods.
Take a step inside Damaged Goods' life in this new video that gives you a first-hand look at the endless partying a debauchery that has brought this up and comer to where he is today...
The Chainsmokers: New York’s Finest
Favorite bars:
Alex: Half King. - (505 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011)
Drew: Acme. - (9 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012)

Favorite Brunch Spots:
Alex: Oh, we have good ones for that. The Smile. - (26 Bond St, Manhattan, NY 10012)
Tipsy Parson is good too...
The Chainsmokers: First Things First
First venue you guys performed at as The Chainsmokers?
Drew: Terminal 5. We were opening for Timeflies a year ago. That was crazy. Then we went and played at WIP – totally buzz killed.
The Chainsmokers LIVE at Terminal 5 & Lavo from Evan Ari Kelman on Vimeo.
The Chainsmokers: Quickie With A DJ
What did you guys want to be when you grew up if it wasn’t a DJ?
Alex: Basketball player.
Drew: A really rich and successful entrepreneur.
Who do you look up to in the music industry?
Drew: Drake
Alex: Yeah, Drake. And Calvin.

The first job you guys ever had...
Kaskade sonned a ticket scalper.
Kaskade has always been someone who stands up for what's right in the EDM scene.
Dude's also got a sense of humor.
No one knows that better than "David," the person who tried to scalp a ticket to Kaskade's Redux show in Boston, who learned a harsh lesson from the man h…

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